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Parsram Foods


Parsram Foods was formed in 1977,  and was the first company to export chickpeas from Australia to India in 1978. Parsram  pioneered the Australian pulse industry, taking it from a ‘stockfeed’ product to one of Australia’s largest consumer exports. Still 100% Australian family owned Parsram has diversified to become a comprehensive supplier of Rice, Oils, Pulses and a wide range of ethnic foods to the Australian market.  For more information on Parsram Foods please visit



Great inventions often come from a desire or necessity to do something better. EasiYo was invented by a school teacher about 20 years ago. He had a growing family of eight hungry kids to feed and knew that freshly made yogurt was a great staple food the world over. The problem is shop bought yogurt was full of preservatives etc and he never really knew how 'fresh' it was after sitting on shop shelves for how long. What he did know was you can never get 'fresher' than when you make yogurt yourself, and you knew EXACTLY what was in it. For more information on Easiyo please visit

Makmur Enterprises


Makmur Enterprises Pty Ltd was first established in 1978 and still produces delicious authentic Asian products that use only the finest and freshest ingredients. 100% Australian Family owned Makmur Enterprises is one of the prominent suppliers in the Foodservice market supplying a wide selection of finger food products such as dim sims, spring rolls, curry puffs cocktail samosa and sesame prawns under the Emperor brand. For more information on Makmur Enterprises please visit